Sales Partner Program admin March 19, 2023

Sales Partner Program

We are looking for sales partners to extend our sales network on an international scale. If you believe you have a strong customer channel and want to utilize your network in order to contribute to the growth journey of IRISCO, and if you want to earn a long term recurring revenue that continues along the whole term of the customer agreement that you were the reason for, then you are very welcome as a “Sales Partner”.

  • If you believe you have a strong customer network, where you can drive sales activities to win new sales orders for IRISCO and help us grow with the acquisition of new sales orders, then the Sales Partner Model is the right model for you.
  • Sales Partners are expected to create new sales opportunities for IRISCO, support IRISCO during the proposal phases and contracting phases of potential sales engagements with new
    customers, and show all possible efforts to help IRISCO sign new contracts with the end customers.
  • Sales Partners are entitled to earn sales referral fees per an agreed percentage of the Total Contract Value, upon signing of the contract between IRISCO and the customer
  • Sales referral fees incur a recurring revenue for the sales partners, inline with the customer recurring payments during the whole contract term.
  • Since the end Customer contract is signed between the customer and IRISCO, sales partners are not bound to any customer contract obligations, thus carry no contractual risk of the customer engagement.

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