Reseller Partner Program admin March 19, 2023

Reseller Partner Program

We are looking for sales partners to extend our sales network on an international scale.

If you believe you have a strong customer channel and want to utilize your network in order to contribute to the growth journey of IRISCO, and if you want to earn a long term recurring revenue that continues along the whole term of the customer agreement that you were the reason for, then you are very welcome as a “Sales Partner”.

  • If you believe you have a strong customer network, where you can drive sales activities to win new sales orders for your enterprise, but need a trustful partner/service provider like IRISCO, who will provide the necessary solutions and services for you as your subcontractor, then the Reseller Partner Model is the right model for you.
  • Reseller Partners are expected to create new sales channels and opportunities for IRISCO, by utilizing the capabilities and solutions of IRISCO in their winning sales strategy.customers, and show all possible efforts to help IRISCO sign new contracts with the end customers.
  • Different than Sales Partner Program, Reseller Partners own the relationship with their end customers, have full ownership of the end customer contract, billing, bundling, support and all other elements.
  • Reseller Partners close the deal, while IRISCO supports you during the proposal phase. Behind the scenes, we’ll help you with expert sales/presales support every step of the way.
  • As Reseller Partners, you set the price with your customer and control your own margins. We bill you for an agreed price and you bill your customer at the price you choose.
  • After the end customer contract is signed by the Reseller, IRISCO works diligently on behalf of the Reseller Partner to fulfill their commitments as described in the contract between IRISCO and Reseller Partner.

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