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Success Stories admin March 20, 2024

NeoQ Radio Report Project

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, the synergy between industry leaders and proficient software developers plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and achieving technological excellence. This success story delves into the collaborative journey between NeoQ, a forward-thinking healthcare technology company, and our expert software development team of IRISCO. Entrusted with the mission to enhance NeoQ’s software capabilities and expedite product development, this partnership has become a testament to seamless communication, technical prowess, and a shared dedication to excellence.

The following sections highlight key aspects of this collaboration, including strategic alignment, communication methodologies, technical expertise, and the notable results achieved. Together, these elements underscore the effectiveness of a well-integrated nearshore software development model and its impact on accelerating time-to-market, providing cost-effective solutions, fostering innovation, and ensuring scalability for our esteemed partner, NeoQ.

Background: NeoQ, a cutting-edge healthcare industry technology company, approached us with a vision to enhance their software capabilities and accelerate product development. Understanding the importance of a reliable nearshore partner, they entrusted us with the responsibility of complementing their in-house team. The journey has been a testament to seamless communication, technical expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Collaboration Highlights:

  1. Strategic Alignment: Our initial collaboration involved a comprehensive analysis of NeoQ’s business objectives and technical requirements. By aligning our goals with NeoQ’s vision, we were able to establish a solid foundation for the partnership.
  2. Seamless Communication: Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful collaboration. We implemented a robust communication strategy, incorporating regular meetings, video conferences, and collaborative tools. This ensured that both teams remained synchronized, fostering a transparent and open working relationship.
  3. Technical Expertise: Our team, consisting of skilled and experienced developers, seamlessly integrated with NeoQ’s in-house team. Leveraging our collective technical expertise, we contributed to the development of innovative solutions, addressing complex challenges and ensuring the delivery of high-quality software.
  4. Agile Development Methodology: Adopting an agile development methodology allowed us to respond swiftly to changing requirements and deliver incremental updates. This approach not only accelerated the development process but also provided NeoQ with the flexibility to adapt to evolving market dynamics.
  5. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to delivering flawless software was reinforced by a rigorous quality assurance process. Through comprehensive testing protocols, we identified and addressed potential issues, ensuring that NeoQ’s products meet the highest standards of quality.


The collaboration with NeoQ has yielded exceptional results:

  1. Accelerated Time-to-Market: By optimizing development processes and leveraging our expertise, NeoQ experienced a significant reduction in time-to-market for their products’ Thorax Module, gaining a competitive edge in their industry.
  2. Cost-Effective Solutions: The nearshore model proved to be a cost-effective solution for NeoQ, providing access to top-tier talents without the associated overheads of in-house development.
  3. Innovation and Scalability: Our collaborative efforts contributed to the development of innovative features of NeoQ’s product offerings. The scalability of our nearshore model allowed NeoQ to easily adjust resources based on project demands.


Our partnership with NeoQ exemplifies the power of collaboration and the success that can be achieved through a well-integrated nearshore software development model. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in NeoQ’s journey towards technological excellence and look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership

Dr. Sven Jansen, CEO of Neo Q Quality in Imaging GmbH: “A fast learning and reliable partner, committed to excellence, flexible in regard to changing demand”